The 2016 Hunter Great Eastern Ranges Forum was held in November in Singleton, New South Wales. Over 25 environmental land managers, planners, scientists and community engagement partners joined the Forum to share information and their experiences.

The following vision statement was developed on the day: 

“To develop, promote and implement the best land, water and biodiversity conservation restoration education and sustainability outcomes for the Hunter Valley.”

The group then went on to workshop what could be done to achieve this vision and to extend the work of the Great Eastern Ranges initiative in the Hunter beyond its current form.

A full report of the day is available here to download GER_Stakeholder_Forum2016_Report_FINAL.pdf

Thank you to all those who attended and helped to make the day such a success.


Presentations from each of the guest speakers at the 2016 Forum can be viewed below:

GER Forum2016 Presentation - Jaci Tebb   (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION PDF HERE)

Native Grasslands in the Hunter - Cameron Archer (DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION PDF HERE)


Woodland Bird Diversity - Mick Rodderick (DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION PDF HERE)